Adv. Doron Levy - PRLog

“The downward trend in tax income spans across various income categories”: Adv. Doron Levy on PRLog

Renowned tax expert Adv. Doron Levy sheds light on the alarming decline in tax incomes, raising critical concerns about its repercussions on the Israeli economy.

With an unwavering voice, Levy emphasizes that this downward trend in tax revenue transcends different income categories, exposing the fragility of the nation’s financial landscape. In an article at PRLog, we delve into Levy’s expert insights and explore the potential implications of this problematic situation on the economy: “The downward trend in tax income spans across various income categories, indicating a decrease in the overall economic activity within the country. This decline appears to be influenced by rising interest rates, the global high-tech slowdown, and the repercussions of attempted regime upheavals”.

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