Navigating Dual Residency in Taxation - Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Understanding Dual Residency: Key Insights with Doron Levy

Join Israeli tax lawyer Doron Levy as he explores the intricate topic of navigating dual residency in taxation.

In this video preview, Adv. Levy sheds light on a typical scenario where individuals, such as residents of Israel conducting business activities in other countries, face the challenge of potential double taxation.

Dual residency can lead to complex tax implications, with individuals being taxed in both their home country and the country where activities are conducted. Lawyer Doron Levy discusses key strategies and considerations to effectively manage these tax obligations, highlighting potential exemptions, treaty benefits, and practical approaches to minimize the impact of dual residency on tax liabilities.

Gain valuable insights and practical advice from Adv. Levy, an experienced tax lawyer, to better understand the nuances of dual residency taxation and optimize your tax position.

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