Adv. Doron Levy on Pressat: “International taxation presents quite a few challenges”

Adv. Doron Levy - Pressat

Adv. Doron Levy underscores the paramount importance of international taxation in today’s globalized business landscape. As companies increasingly span international borders, he highlights the pressing need for a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this domain: “International taxation presents quite a few challenges. Israeli companies must know the issue’s importance and act accordingly”.

Lawyer Doron Levy: Stocks, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies and Regulations

Lawyer Doron Levy

In this video, Lawyer Doron Levy covers a range of important topics in the capital market, such as public companies: “A public company refers to a company, that offers its securities to the general public for purchase. Typically, these securities are in the form of stocks. But a public company can also be considered, a […]

Video: Adv. Doron Levy – How American Citizenship Impacts Taxes Worldwide

Adv. Doron Levy

Adv. Doron Levy reveals a lesser-known fact in a new clip on international taxation: “While most countries tax based on residency, it’s important to note that every American citizen, regardless of their physical presence in the United States, is still subject to U.S. taxes”. Adv. Levy sheds light on this intriguing aspect of international taxation, […]

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